July 2016

We can kiss the colder temperatures good bye and say hello to the heat of summer
that is upon us. I hope this rainy weather will continue for a long period of time
to cut down on the water usage. When the natural gas bill goes down I know
that the water bill will go up, it is just a fact of life.
The cole crops have just about run their course,
the cauliflower was extremely large and I had trouble keeping up with picking them.
The broccoli heads were larger than normal and now the secondary heads will
produce well into the fall. Chuckie our little dog thinks that broccoli
is his personal treat and cauliflower trimmings are great also.
When I go into the garden to pick the produce he is anxiously waiting for his share.
The stone head cabbage is ready to be picked;
I find if I pick them too early the heads are not full so I wait
for a while to make sure they are ready. Then on the other hand
if I wait too long the heads start to split, but
even when they split they are still good.
The rose starts I took last August turned out great this year.
I have one from the Gilgal Garden and another
one from another location that has turned out to be great roses.
A few years ago I had a pruning class with
the Rose Club in Ogden. I indicated that I was starting roses from cuttings.
That takes a little longer to get
your roses to grow. One of the members indicated that it was the best
way to get a good rose start. A couple of years ago
Bart started a rose and it froze to the ground.
In the spring, it came back with no problems. On some of the grafted roses,
if they die back you get the rose growing from the rootstock with long
shafts and no blossoms. Then it is time to replace it.
The iris garden at Murray Park is through blooming
and I have just a little bit of clean up left to go before it is
ready for the summer. Sometimes I get discouraged
when I find that people or animals have been through
the garden and broken a lot of the flowers and plants off.
Oh well, it is a public park.
At home I have taken out a lot of the iris that I did not separate last year.
The new iris plants I planted a couple of years ago all
bloomed this year and I will put some of them in place of some of the common ones I had.
My wife discovered that I had bought a fig tree;
it is a Chicago cold tolerant fig. The one that Loren from Wasatch Gardens talked about.
She almost had another heart attack when she found out how much I had
paid for it. Then she put me on a guilt trip and I had to buy some of the
gardening items she wanted. The grape vine I bought from Starks Bro.,
turned out to be a dry stick with dry roots on it.
I followed their directions and planted. It did not grow.
I called them and they replaced it and now I have been waiting for
another dry stick to show some life.
It has been another month with no growth and I have lost two
full months for the vine to grow.
I think I will call and get my money back on that one.
Sunday June 12th at 5:45 pm I hear pounding on the side of the house.
It started with just like someone throwing rocks at the side of the house.
Then it intensified and we had a hailstorm with ½ inch hail. I tried to
get outside to get some of the plants covered but that hail hurt when you got hit with it.
The sun was shining and no clouds were above us.
That was weird, but the large hailstones tasted good and it didn’t last that long
so my garden looked like it survived. May you get rain on you garden and not hail.

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