April 2016

The Golden Delicious apple tree has been removed.
The larger limbs on the tree went to a neighbor that turns
wood bowls. The other limbs I saved for my neighbor next door.
When the wood dries out I will throw them over
the fence and stack it for him. Last year, he sold his home and didn’t want the wood,
so I stacked the wood over at my neighbor’s wood pile
and he didn’t know where it came from, but he burned it anyway.
I have taken the apple tree root out and as last time, I planted a standard Golden Delicious tree,
this time, I am looking for a semi-dwarf Golden Delicious
spur type that will allow fruit to form on each limb bearing from the
trunk out. This will increase production and give fruit much
earlier than the standard tree. It takes a lot less time to prune in the
spring and that is a plus for me.
The Glacier tomatoes planted just before Christmas have tomatoes set on them.
With the weather turning cold the middle of March
and with all of the family things to take care of I will wait until the end of March to get them
planted in the garden. I have the cole crops with a floating row cover
or a product called Remay and that will act
as a blanket on the cold nights but also, keep the cabbage loppers from getting to the plants.
I have all of my Regulator tomatoes planted, seeded and up.
They are planted into the small containers and may
be ready by the middle of April to be put in water walls.
One nice thing about putting them in the walls is you do
not need to harden them off before planting them.
Remember to fertilize them when you plant. Put 1/3 cup of 16
– 16- 8 fertilizer, six inches deep and six inches away from the root of the plant.
This will provide enough energy to last the tomato plant for the rest of the season.
So far we have had a break from winter to get some of the clean up from
last fall taken care of. It always amazes me to see how fast the weeds start to
grow in the spring and some grow all winter long. The snow mold on the
lawn in my back yard was really a mess this year. I have raked it out and fertilized it,
but it will take a while for it to recover.
As you plant lawn over the years it changes to a type of grass
that will survive in that location. Most of the back lawn is now bent grass,
but it is the dog’s side of the yard and it takes a lot of abuse so I can’t complain.
Last year, I took out all of my Gladiolus and got rid of them. Over the years,
they seem to all turn the same color. Last year I dug all of them up and put
them through the chipper shredder. I was tired of all of them looking the
same peach colored flowers with pink throats. I bought a bag of all colors
so that should be a good change.
The neighbor’s apricot tree is starting to bloom, so that is a telltale sign that
spring is on its way, but snow can’t be far behind. Have a happy planting

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