October 2016

The Utah State Fair is over for this season and I can get on with my gardening at home.
That takes about two weeks out of my schedule and in some ways puts me behind a little
on my fall clean up and harvest. A few years ago I gave an Italian prune tree to a neighbor
and it took about 4 years for it to start into production. This year it was loaded.
I normally pick and dry the prunes for her, it took a lot of effort to get that taken care of.
At home, on the prune tree that I transplanted about 28 years ago from my last place,
the tree was loaded with prunes and Pluots I had grafted on to it a few years ago from Bart Anderson’s tree.
There was one variety that I did not like the way it grew.
It’s called the Queen, a yellow fruit that split at the stem end and started to rot before
it was ripe. I’m going to take that graft and add one of the other varieties that was a better fruit.
The second crop of Espada beans I planted after taking out the cabbage has produced really great.
They areabout the best bush beans I have tried;
tender with no strings and have an excellent taste. I have planted Brussel Sprouts this year
and I am still waiting for the sprouts to start getting bigger. They are at each leaf node
but not growing so far. I had heard that you need to cut the top out of the plant to get
them to start growing. I tried it on one plant and so far it is not working.
The fig tree has been producing fruit and has grown about 16 inches.
At each leaf node there are green figs and I have found out that as the figs turn
a slight red they are getting ripe. But I don’t pick them until they get soft and
droopy. That is when they are the best tasting.
The tree is supposed to take up to 20 degrees below zero and still survive in this climate.
This rain we got the middle of September was really great, my water bill this month was quite
high and my wife vows we need to cut back on the plants that need water next year.
It has been a really dry summer this year, but I hope this winter will be a wet one.
With fall arriving in September I am thinking of all the work that I need to
be completed before snow flies in the valley. This is a good time to go after
the morning glory. When I bought the house I am living in the yard was full
of morning glory. I hauled a pickup load of green plants loaded with green
seeds to the dump and then started to spray for morning glory as it grew
back clear into the fall.
At Gilgal Garden last week I was spraying for morning glory and other broad leaf weeds
and as I was moving through the garden I was tripped by a short rose bush and fell.
I wasn’t hurt, but I hit the spray tank on a rock and the top of the tank blew off and
went flying about 20 feet from the pressure. Needless to say, I got drenched and needed to go home to take a bath.
I will finish the job this week.