June 2016

Wow! Another month has gone by and the weather has modified
to the point that I took my water walls off the tomatoes about a week ago.
I normally wait until I can see what the weather is going to be for the next week or
so. This is a little early for me this year so I hope we will not get any more
freezing weather. My cole crops are doing extremely well this year.
It is only the 18th of May and I have broccoli heads ready for picking.
The cabbage is starting to head up and the cauliflower has small heads already.
I had to take the Remay cover off of them real early this year
because the plants had pulled the cover out from under the bricks holding it down.
I have weeded the carrot patch and taken out all of the radishes, I call them my weeds.
With the rainy weather they were the best this year, nice and crunchy.
I plant the carrots and radishes together. I use the French Break
fast radish seed. This helps to give cover so the carrot seed can grow.
The French Breakfast radish has a long slender root but the bulb stays
above the ground so when you pull the radish out it does not disturb the carrots.
This year Chuckie our little dog was begging for a radish and when I gave him one
it was gone in an instant and he was ready for more.
I found out this dog likes radishes and broccoli. With the apple tree I got from Starks Bros.,
I had also ordered a grape vine. After spending a month in the ground
it still looked like a withered up dead twig. In testing it out, it was dried up with no life in it.
I called them and they replaced it at no charge, so I am waiting to see if this dried up twig
will grow into the grape vine I ordered. Only time will tell.
The new irises I bought two years ago are coming into bloom this year
and some of them are stunning with the color and size of the bloom.
I am finding out that I have a few spots with iris in them that I need to weed out.
They are plain and boring to me now. With a little transplanting in the next few weeks
I should get the ones I want where I want them.
With the grafting class we had in the month of April
I was able to use some of the seedlings growing in the garden to graft to.
So far I am 100% in getting them to grow.
I found a shoot coming off of the weeping crab apple that was on dwarf root stock.
I was able to get the shoot to grow and grafted a Cameo apple to it.
In short, I have a Cameo apple on a dwarf root stock.
This should be interesting. I spent too much on flowers and plants this year.
My wife said no more flowers, but then she wanted a yellow calla Lilly.
I hunted for the yellow Mandevillle and found that Cactus and Tropicals only had two come in.
I got one of them so I scored on that flower.
Let’s hope the weather stays good for the next few weeks.
Then we will be out of the frost zone.