May 2016

So, you got an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas (that’s great),
it has bloomed and the flower is gone and
now all you have is the green long leaves that want to fall over.
What do you do with it next?
Over the years I have saved the plant and planted it in the garden
when spring has arrived. I have found the
best way to keep them growing and to get it to bloom next year is to
leave them in the pot. Take them outside
and put them in a place where they can get part shade and part sun.
I have a drip system I use to keep them watered,
but you can plant the pot in the ground in an area that receives water.
They like their roots to be crowded so keep them in the pot.
In September dig the pot up and place it in an area
that it can dry out and will not freeze.
As the leaves dry out, cut them off.
Store the bulbs until around Christmas.
Then you can start to water them as you see the flower head start to emerge.
I have a pot with two large and one daughter bulb.
This year I have five blossom shafts.
One shaft has six flowers on it and I can count 22 flowers.
As the bulbs get larger they will have more shafts and more flowers
so keep them growing for years.
Bart and I will be teaching a grafting class on the 16th of April at 10 am at my place.
If you want more information on the class call me at 801-561-1766.
We made our pilgrimage to Erda in Tooele Countyand got a lot of scion wood for the class.
We have been teaching this class for about 17 or 18 years
and have made a lot of friends and had a lot of success
both in our grafting and those that come to learn.
If you want to try and revive an old apple tree or just want a variety grafted onto your tree,
come and learn with us.
The Glacier tomato plants I seeded just before Christmas are now in blossom.
This year I have tried something new.
Other years, I have planted them in some soil I have made.
This year I have used the Miracle-Gro potting mix and put them in six inch pots.
I gave them a lot more room to grow and what a difference it has made.
They are real healthy plants and in bloom with tomatoes set on them already.
They should be ready to plant in the garden by the middle of March with weather permitting.
This is the end of February, so I need to start my other tomatoes and peppers real soon.
I have had some fire blight in my apple trees and have removed
a lot of limbs from the Golden Delicious tree.
I am now trying to decide, do I take it down to the the ground
or see if it will grow back without the problem?
I have seen other trees that have been trimmed in the same manner
and have recovered. The apple crop last year had a lot of problems
and I hope to avoid them this year. I have run the smaller
branches through the chipper and will try to hot compost them.
With the change in the weather and the sun starting to return North,
I was able to move the pelargonium plants into the greenhouse
and get it started up. I needed the room in the basement for the Cole crops
I have planted as I moved them from the seeding pot into individual containers.
I can plant a lot of seeds in a 4 inch pot
and when the first true leaves come out I then move them into other pots.
This is when they start to take up more room.
Spring may be just around the corner so get prepared,
you know the weeds are not far behind.