March 2016

I planted the cole crops in the garden the last of March and with April
so warm they have been planted in the garden for just over a month.
I put the Remay or row cover over the top and this is only the 20th
and already the plants have grown so big that the cover will soon need to be removed.
It is alreadypulling out from under the bricks I have it weighted down with.
Most of my tomato plants have been planted or given away at this point in time.
The ones planted in the garden are growing quite fast
and some are already wanting to get out of the top of the water walls.
We still have a few more nights of frost coming so I will need to keep an eye on the weather report.
If they report temperatures at the airport below 40 degrees
I need to cover here in my yard.
I did get my apple tree in from Starks Bro’s Co.
My wife called it a dead stick, but I can see signs of life with some green shoots showing.
I checked some of the nursery’s around town and could not find
what I was looking for. I did find a Goji Berry I wanted.
In the catalog it was in a quart container and for few bucks more I found it in a two gallon bucket.
It should bear fruit this year.
I have pruned the remaining apple tree that had the fire blight
and in doing so have lost two of the grafts I had on the tree.
Some of the branches were so bad that I needed to take the entire limb next to
the trunk off. I hope that it will recover, but just in case I have another seedling tree
I grafted last year that I could replace it with.
The Granny Smith apple tree is in a cloud of bloom and I am spraying it for
fire blight for the next week or so. I had no idea where the fire blight came from
until I started looking and found out it comes from bees. They have a powder you
mix with water and spray on the blossoms three or four times during the bloom cycle.
This will stop it from being spread from someone elses tree
in the neighborhood. Last year the Granny Smith apple tree
did not have very many apples on it so I guess that is the reason it did not get fire blight. Next,
I will need to spray it with liquid 7 to try and thin out some of the apples from forming.
At the Murray Park iris garden I was able to put a layer of wood shavings around
all of the plants. It’s about an inch and a half deep.
Over time the mulch will turn a dark color, but right now it looks great
being a light wood color. It comes from a fellow in our neighborhood that
turns wood bowls. I hauled a number of bags into Gilgal Garden
and we put it around the rose bushes. At home I am working on my
second batch of mulch using the same wood shavings. I will need to
use a lot of grass clippings to mix with it to get it started cooking.
I am on a corner lot and so there is twice as much area to take care of
and this will cut down the time I need to worry about weeds. In checking for weeds
this last week myweed count went down 80%, only two weeds were found.
I have a green house that is full of plants that need to be planted.
I have Gladiolus bulbs that need to go into the ground,
so there is still work that I need to complete in the next few weeks.
And yes, there are quail running around the neighborhood,
but I hope they find another place to raise their young.